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My band, Freezepop, ​released a 12" single for our song "Bike Thief." Being self-funded at the time (i.e. mostly broke), we decided to prioritize our budget on fancy clear vinyl, and then DIY some clear vinyl covers instead of printed ones. We silkscreened them by hand, and it turned out to be kind of an ordeal. Because the covers were vinyl, we had to use smelly solvent-based silkscreen ink, and we didn't really have any workspace at the time, so every available surface in my house was covered in record sleeves, which then took like 5 days to dry because of course we had to do it on the hottest, stickiest week in July. But they came out SO PRETTY and sold out quickly, so I guess in the end it was worth it (even if we'd never do it that way again).

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