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This quiz is meant to help Living Proof’s customers navigate the various haircare collections to build a regimen specific to their needs. I led the UX and content across brand managers, stylists, and copywriters; and drove the UI/Visual design with our dev agency's designer and an icon designer. I also worked with the developers to build out a better recommendation backend.


I really wanted to address the major pain point of the earlier versions of this quiz: the backend logic that determines the product recommendations. Previously, this was done via a decision-tree that had to be manually updated with every new product we added or deleted from our product line. It was an Excel doc with several thousand lines, and adding new questions would exponentially complicate the process. It was a NIGHTMARE and everybody dreaded updating it.


Since this project was done in tandem with the complete replatforming of our site, we had the opportunity to start with a clean slate. Initially our developers suggested logic similar to filters, but that yes/no dichotomy was a bit too crude for producing the most accurate results. I ended up devising a more nuanced "scorecard" system, where each product would be weighted according to the user's answers, and the highest-scoring products would be recommended.


This was a win-win, as it not only gave us the ability to provide much more personalized recommendations, it also makes updating the backend a million times easier.


The design and UX were purposefully kept lean, bearing in mind that a likely use case is that a user would be taking the quiz while standing in the aisle at Sephora or Ulta. The quiz flow itself was a balancing act between an quick, conversational experience, and getting granular and specific enough that the customer would feel like she could actually trust these results. This strategy paid off, as the quiz had a 94% completion rate. 


To emphasize the concept of building a complete regimen, results are broken down into 4 steps: Shampoo, Conditioner, Stylers, and Treatments. We've also included information on why this product was selected for them, and usage instructions. The user has the ability to add all or some products to the cart, and to print, save, or email their recommendations.

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